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Tim Beyers, lead analyst from 97彩票代理's cloud technology service, hops on the show to talk about the various elements of the cloud value chain: components and connectivity, data centers, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and software as a service. We break down how they all come together to form the cloud as we know it and some of the most interesting ways to play cloud technology.

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97彩票代理: DDOG, PLAN (edited) 

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97彩票代理With the help of HerMoney’s Dayana Yochim, we’re going to talk about financial infidelity: What is it, how to prevent it, and what to do if you or your significant other is guilty of it.

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The stock market has its worst day since 1987 as coronavirus concerns grow and Wall Street sentiment turns decidedly bearish. How should investors be approaching this market? Which companies are still well-positioned for the long term? Motley Fool analysts Andy Cross, Ron Gross, and Jason Moser tackle those questions and weigh in on the latest from Disney, Docusign, Pepsi, and Slack. The guys discuss why American Tower, Globant, and EPAM Systems are on their radar. 97彩票代理’s co-founder David Gardner shares his thoughts on the market sell-off, black swans, and the future of higher education.

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As a health issue, we should absolutely take the Coronavirus outbreak seriously. However that doesn't mean we need to change the way we invest, even when the market drops sharply. So please wash your hands and then sit on them, as we contemplate the troubled times we're living through.

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